Early last month, I wrote to you all about a bill I introduced to help bridge the digital divide—the E-BRIDGE Act. I’m proud to report my bill passed out of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week. Now, it will head to the whole House for consideration.

It’s not a big or flashy bill, it’s just six pages long—and one of those is the title. Only in Washington, right? What it lacks in length though, it more than makes up for in common sense.

See, it doesn’t create some massive new government program or try to re-...


Just a few months ago, I wrote about how eliminating the stepped-up basis would devastate family farms. Long story short, it would slam the next generation of farmers with a massive tax bill when their parents pass away, and they inherit the family farm. Because most farmers are land rich and cash poor, it would undoubtedly force many to sell the farm or parts of it just to pay the tax bill.

That’s wrong and it shouldn’t be in what the liberals in Washington are calling their “infrastructure” bill. At the time, we were told that the Administration understood...


Earlier this week the Office of Management and Budget finally withdrew their disastrous proposal that would have redefined “Metropolitan Statistical Area” to exclude cities between 50,000 and 100,000 residents. Such a drastic change would have upended decades of precedent, changed the way these small cities can access federal programs, and for what? Was this going to streamline some existing programs, save taxpayer dollars, or do anything to clean up the mess that is the federal bureaucracy?


They did it just because they thought they could.

Indeed, their only...


By this point, we’ve heard it all. First, we were told there wasn’t really a crisis going on at the southern border at all, that this is just a cyclical thing and it too shall pass. It didn’t.

We’ve heard that the Administration is making “progress” to solve it. They haven’t.

Now, we’re hearing calls from the left to completely defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, and any other agency that does anything to slow down the wave of illegal immigrants crossing into this country illegally. Apparently, the...


This week, Speaker Pelosi rammed through her $715 billion fake “infrastructure” bill. Throughout the debate, we heard how “transformative” this bill is. I’d agree with that as it completely upends the definition of infrastructure.

It redefines infrastructure to include art, by repealing longstanding bipartisan protections that keep our tax dollars from funding paintings, sculptures, and nonfunctional landscaping. I don’t care if communities want to spend their local tax dollars on frescos and chandeliers, but Missourians shouldn’t be footing the bill for...


Here’s something I thought I’d never have to say: Obama’s WOTUS is back. It seems like a bad nightmare, but it’s true.

The Obama EPA’s Waters of the United States rule, better known as WOTUS, was one of the worst examples of federal overreach we’ve seen in a generation. That rule would have dramatically expanded what constitutes a “water of the United States” and given the EPA authority to regulate more than 99 percent of Missouri farmland. You read that right, they were going to change the definition of water to give themselves more power to regulate land. That’s crazy.



Following the Flood of 2019, a lot of folks had trouble getting the help they needed in Northwest Missouri.


In one case, FEMA awarded individual assistance money to help a man fix his family home that had been destroyed.


He followed all the rules. He was honest, open, and transparent with FEMA. They determined that he was eligible and approved his request for assistance. That didn’t stop the agency from coming back and demanding that he pay that $12,000 back when they figured out that they had...


They say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Yet, for some reason, that’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi seems to be doing with infrastructure.

Last year, she rammed a completely partisan infrastructure bill down our throats. Two out of every five dollars in that bill would have gone towards meeting Green New Deal mandates. Predictably, it went nowhere.

Now, instead of coming to the table to get a real bipartisan bill done, she decided to make her partisan bill even more partisan. Now, HALF of her...


Like it or not, the internet has become a huge part of our lives, a huge part of our society, and a huge part of our world. There’s rarely a day where most of us don’t use the internet—for work, for school, for entertainment, agriculture, or even just reading this email.

Twenty years ago, it was a luxury to have a computer with internet access at home. Even for those who had a connection, it was often slow, unreliable dial-up internet. That has changed in a big way. Most Americans today have a smartphone in their pocket with more computing power and a faster...


Farming is a family business. It always has been. Most farmers have been working cattle, working the land, and feeding the world from the time they could walk. They’ve lived their entire lives working endless hours to live their dream, carry on the family farm, and hopefully pass it along to their children in better shape than when they inherited it. The President’s death tax proposal threatens to upend all of that.

The death tax is something I’ve been fighting for years. It just doesn’t make sense. We work all our lives to scrape by, pay taxes all along the way, and then...