It’s been nearly 2 years since the first case of COVID-19 was discovered and despite all the flip-flopping from federal officials, we all now have a pretty good idea of what works, what doesn’t work, and how we can best protect ourselves and our families.

Chief among the things that work are the COVID-19 vaccines, which have proven highly effective, particularly at preventing folks from getting severe cases and needing to be hospitalized. Quite frankly, President Trump and his Administration don’t get nearly the credit they deserve for getting the vaccines developed and...


It’s been 20 years now, but it sure feels like yesterday. For those of us old enough to remember, that day is hard to forget. I’d bet there isn’t one among us that couldn’t tell you exactly where we were that day, what we were doing, and how we learned that terrible news.

I was a young Congressman. I had only been in Washington, D.C. just a few months at that point. I remember standing on the House floor waiting for the Speaker to open session up for the day when suddenly security came and whisked him off the floor. It was...


It didn’t have to be like this. While there are a lot of thoughts and emotions that come to mind when I think about the disaster that we all watched unfold in Afghanistan these last few weeks, I’ll save many of those for a later date. Today, I want to take some time to honor the 13 brave American heroes that were killed in the August 26th terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz of Wentzville, Missouri was just 20 years old when his life was cut short by that cowardly terrorist attack. He had decided to become a Marine in high school,...


The chaos and confusion of the debacle that unfolded in Afghanistan is both infuriating and disheartening. It’s a disaster on multiple levels and, if nothing else, President Biden’s determination to withdraw could have at least been accompanied with a plan. 

Before talking about how or why this happened and where we go from here, something needs to be said for those who served our country in Afghanistan. Both those who returned home and those who didn’t, the families of those who were lost in the war and those who will never be the same, you need to know that as we watch this...


On August 10, 1821, Missouri became the 24th state to enter the union. At the time, fewer than 150,000 folks called this frontier land home. While many things have changed over the last 200 years—including the number of families working, living, and growing here in our great state—one thing hasn’t changed: our no-nonsense attitude and penchant for getting things done.

It’s no wonder we earned the moniker the “Show Me State,” because we see right through all the noise and call things like we see them. It’s a trait we’ve seen in our leaders, like President Harry S. Truman, who...


No, it hasn’t gotten better. No, this Administration doesn’t have it “under control.”

I know I sound like a broken record, but as unbelievable as it sounds, this “seasonal influx” has shown no signs of slowing down. Usually, illegal immigration slows down in the hot summer months as the long journey across Mexico becomes increasingly difficult. Not this year. The months-long crisis at our southern border is still getting worse.

At the same time, we keep learning more and more about what’s really going on down there. The city of McAllen, Texas has reported that some 7,000...


Early last month, I wrote to you all about a bill I introduced to help bridge the digital divide—the E-BRIDGE Act. I’m proud to report my bill passed out of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week. Now, it will head to the whole House for consideration.

It’s not a big or flashy bill, it’s just six pages long—and one of those is the title. Only in Washington, right? What it lacks in length though, it more than makes up for in common sense.

See, it doesn’t create some massive new government program or try to re-...


Just a few months ago, I wrote about how eliminating the stepped-up basis would devastate family farms. Long story short, it would slam the next generation of farmers with a massive tax bill when their parents pass away, and they inherit the family farm. Because most farmers are land rich and cash poor, it would undoubtedly force many to sell the farm or parts of it just to pay the tax bill.

That’s wrong and it shouldn’t be in what the liberals in Washington are calling their “infrastructure” bill. At the time, we were told that the Administration understood...


Earlier this week the Office of Management and Budget finally withdrew their disastrous proposal that would have redefined “Metropolitan Statistical Area” to exclude cities between 50,000 and 100,000 residents. Such a drastic change would have upended decades of precedent, changed the way these small cities can access federal programs, and for what? Was this going to streamline some existing programs, save taxpayer dollars, or do anything to clean up the mess that is the federal bureaucracy?


They did it just because they thought they could.

Indeed, their only...


By this point, we’ve heard it all. First, we were told there wasn’t really a crisis going on at the southern border at all, that this is just a cyclical thing and it too shall pass. It didn’t.

We’ve heard that the Administration is making “progress” to solve it. They haven’t.

Now, we’re hearing calls from the left to completely defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, and any other agency that does anything to slow down the wave of illegal immigrants crossing into this country illegally. Apparently, the...