Graves Statement on President Biden’s Address to Congress

Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06) released the following statement after President Biden’s address to a Joint Session of Congress:

“On day one, President Biden promised bipartisanship and unity. Nearly 100 days later, and we’ve seen too little of that. From a bloated COVID “relief” bill that spent less than 9 percent on actual COVID relief to a border crisis only made worse by promises of amnesty and open borders, the last 100 days have too often been anything but bipartisan.”

“If there’s one thing that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it’s that we need to fix our aging infrastructure. There are no Republican roads or Democrat bridges—only the critical infrastructure we all rely on every day. We can—and should—work together to find a bipartisan solution to America’s infrastructure problem that focuses on actual infrastructure, without breaking the bank. This would be a perfect opportunity for the President to live up to his promise to the American people.”