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Keeping the Promise to Our Veterans

Aug 11, 2014
Straight Talk with Sam

When Thomas Jefferson wrote our Declaration of Independence he wrote of our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He was talking about freedom. We enjoy freedoms in this country that are found nowhere else on earth. It is important to remember that the freedoms we are so blessed to enjoy are because of the brave men and women in uniform, who defend it every day.

The men and women who selflessly serve our country in the military have earned the right to quality care, and their families deserve the peace of mind in knowing they will get it.  We must ensure that caring for our veterans is a top priority.

For too long, our veterans have encountered obstacle after obstacle in navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for their health care. The VA has become a maze of bureaucratic red tape and government mandated hoops for our returning heroes to jump through. This is unacceptable and our veterans certainly deserve better. These men and women fought for us and now we must fight for them by keeping the promises made.

I am proud to have voted for the Veterans' Access to Care Act.  This legislation, which the president signed into law, allows veterans who live over 40 miles from a VA facility or have experienced extensive wait times to choose a non-VA hospital. This means it will be easier for veterans living in northern Missouri to access quality care from a hospital or clinic in their area in a timely manner.  The free market reforms in this bill give veterans the ability to choose private hospitals if needed.

Should you ever need help navigating the VA or any other federal agency, please contact my office.  I believe that we have a duty to take care of those who have fought for our freedom. Because they fought for us, I will continue to fight for their needs in Congress.


Sam Graves

Sam Graves