Back the Blue

Straight Talk with Sam

America’s police officers deserve our respect and admiration.

Every day, law enforcement professionals lace up their boots and don the badge knowing this day could be their last. They know that just one call gone wrong or one split-second decision during a traffic stop could mean the difference between returning home to see their family or never coming home again.

Still, they show up every day. They don’t do it for the money or the fame. They live to protect and serve, to keep our communities and families safe. They put in countless hours, long shifts, endure endless abuse from the folks they’re trying to help, and they do it all with love, dedication, and passion for the work they do.

It’s a thankless job. More often than not, police officers are meeting people on their absolute worst day. Whether they’re handing out a speeding ticket to a reckless driver putting others at risk or trying to talk down a drug addict hanging on by a thread, they approach every situation looking to help, even when the odds seemed stacked against them. America’s police officers routinely go above and beyond to live up to their mission—to protect and serve.

That’s why I’m proud to stand up and honor all our police officers during National Police Week. At a time when America’s law enforcement officers are facing unprecedented attacks in the media and from liberal politicians, they need our support. The notion of “defunding the police,” as some have called for, is absurd and repugnant. We should reject it at every turn.

It doesn’t even make sense. We don’t “defund” roadways because there are potholes. We don’t “defund” schools because our children aren’t learning enough. Instead of defunding the police, local communities should be investing in law enforcement. They should be investing in better training, investing in better tools, and investing in our officers. We should be backing the blue and supporting those that protect and serve.

We, as Americans, should all have their back. After all, they’re the ones out there putting their lives on the line to keep us and our families safe. We depend on the men and women in law enforcement, and they should be able to depend on us.


Sam Graves