Community Project Funding Requests

As part of the annual appropriations process, the House Committee on Appropriations is accepting Community Funding Project Requests from House Members. All projects requested by Congressman Graves fall primarily within Missouri's 6th Congressional District. Below, you can find an explanation of each project, where it is located, and all relevant disclosure forms.


Requested Projects

The projects requested by Congressman Graves are listed below in alphabetical order by project name.

Project Name: Douglass Community Services Building Repurposing Project

Project Location: 711 Grand Avenue, Hannibal, MO, 63401

Funding Request: $1 million

Recipient: Douglass Community Services

Address: 711 Grand Avenue, Hannibal, MO, 63401

Certification Letter

Letters of Community Support


Douglass Community Services presently owns and provides services from the facility at 711 Grand Ave in Hannibal, MO.  The 711 Grand facility is a former medical clinic that staff has managed to alter to meet their needs.  Douglass Community Services recently went under contract to purchase a 20,000 square foot building at 909 Broadway in Hannibal.  All administrative functions will be moved to that location.  The facility at 711 Grand Avenue will be remodeled into a full-service, community center.  From 711 Grand, clients will be able to receive food, clothing, workforce training, housing and utility assistance. Food preparation for the two USDA youth meals programs will also be at this facility. In the near future, Douglass will also provide pediatric and youth mental healthcare from this facility.  The remodeled building will offer community meeting rooms, classrooms, and five to ten offices.  These services will be offered on weekdays from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.


Project Name: Northwest MoHope

Project Location: 32664 240th Street, Maryville, Missouri 64468

Funding Request: $415,000

Recipient: Northwest Missouri State University

Address: 800 University Drive, Maryville, MO 64468

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Nonprofit Security Grant: Northwest Missouri State University (Northwest) seeks to further
develop a facility to meet the training needs of future first responders throughout the four-state
area (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas). This facility will include training areas for firefighters,
medical professionals, law enforcement, human services agencies, and disaster response
entities. This proposal seeks to add on to the existing disaster training facility operated by
Northwest’s Emergency and Disaster Management Program. The proposed plan would add
additional facilities to include:

  • Residential training facilities- a grouping of 8 structures designed to simulate a residential neighborhood for use with a wide range of agencies;
  • Firefighter training facilities- multistory burn tower, dry hydrant system, fuel supply tank, and apparatus staging areas;
  • Medical training supplies- training manikins and ambulance training simulator;
  • Disaster training facilities- group training classroom and two-story buildings for use with search and rescue groups.


Project Name: Oats High Mileage Vehicle Replacement

​Project Location1306 South 58th St., St. Joseph, MO 64507

Funding Request: $500,000

Recipient: OATS, Inc.

Address2501 Maguire Blvd., Ste. 101, Columbia, MO 65201

Certification Letter

​Letters of Community Support


OATS, Inc. is requesting funding to provide for the replacement of high-mileage vehicles that
are being used to provide transportation to seniors, people with disabilities and the rural
general public in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District.

OATS is a private, not-for-profit company serving 87 counties in Missouri, including all
of District 6. Founded in 1971, OATS is the oldest and largest rural transportation provider
of its kind in the nation. Funding for OATS is provided, in part, with Federal Transit
Administration grants administered by the MO Dept. of Transportation.

While our operating funding has remained stable, in 2012, MAP-21 cut annual bus funding
by 57% from $984 million to $422 million, and the bus competitive grant program was
completely eliminated. While other transit programs received funding increases, spending
for buses and bus facilities fell from 21% to 9% of federal transit capital programs.
In 2015, the FAST Act restored some funding for bus programs and brought back the
competitive grant program. However, authorized funding for buses remains 15% lower
than it was in 2012.

The direct impact this has had on OATS is that we now have a backlog of vehicles needing
to be replaced. In District 6, we operate 205 vehicles; of these, 33% are over 10 years old.
Every year, OATS applies for federal grants to replace older vehicles. The past three grant
requests totaled $14,260,623; to date, we’ve only been awarded $2,326,037 only 16% of
our need.

This request would be used specifically and solely to replace 8-12 older, high mileage
vehicles operating in the 6th District (depending on final vehicle cost).


Project Name:  Rosecrans Air Traffic Control Tower Renovation

Project Location: Rosecrans Memorial Airport, 100B NW Rosecrans Rd, St. Joseph, MO 64503

Funding Request: $4,342,000

Recipient: City of St. Joseph

Address: 1100 Frederick Avenue, St. Joseph, MO 64501

Certification Letter

​Letters of Community Support


The Rosecrans Tower is used for aviation safety to support the civil air traffic at the Part 139 facility.  The tower also houses FAA airfield equipment and is staffed by the 139th Air National Guard as both a safety mission for its operations and to support the training of mission support staff.  The tower would be renovated to include the roof, CAB replacement, HVAC and other facility elements.


Project Name: Second Harvest Community Food Bank Van

Project Location915 Douglas, St. Joseph, MO 64505

Funding Request: $50,000.00

Recipient: Second Harvest Community Food Bank

Address915 Douglas, St. Joseph, MO 64505

Certification Letter

​Letters of Community Support


Second Harvest Community Food Bank utilizes refrigerated vans to assist with the distribution and delivery of perishable food items throughout our Northwest Missouri service territory.  The van would be used primarily by our Children Initiative programs that focus on getting fresh, nutritious foods to food insecure school-age children.  According to recent projections supplied by Feeding America, within our 15-county service area, the child food insecurity rate is at 19% or 14,910 children who suffer consistently with not having enough food to eat.  A new warrantied vehicle would assure that our various programs would be able to fulfill our mission of providing nourishment and hope to the hungry without interruptions.


Project Name: Thompson River Bridge Stream Bank Stabilization Project

Project Location: Thompson River Bank just north of the Highway 6 bridge, located at the west entrance to Trenton, MO

Funding Request: $100,000

Recipient: Grundy County Commission 

Address: 700 Main, Courthouse 2nd Floor, Trenton, MO 64683

Certification Letter

​Letters of Community Support


After flooding events of 2019 the Thompson River Bank just north of the Highway 6 bridge, located at the west entrance to Trenton MO, experienced a significant breach on the west side of the riverbank resulting in the bank giving way and creating a channel through bottom ground farmland adjacent to the highway. With each rain event, the channel continues to extend and get closer to the highway presenting an imminent threat of an entire washout which would result in the closure of the highway and extreme damage to the bridge. The Grundy County Industrial Corp. is extremely concerned about the effects to commerce and public safety should the highway and/or bridge have to be closed therefor the GIDC made mitigating the riverbank breach repair a priority project for the county. As a result, the project has gained financial support from NRCS and MoDOT which will provide the bulk of the funding to repair the river bank and the channel; however, for the project to move forward the local match portion is still needed and the reason for this earmark request.