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Graves Votes Against New Debt Ceiling Increase

Bill includes no measure to cut spending

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06) issued the following statement after voting against the debt limit increase:

“Once again, Congress was faced with a debt limit increase that did not contain a single measure to help get our spending under control.  That’s simply the wrong prescription when it comes to ensuring a strong economic future.  After the last five years of big-government ideas from the White House and the Senate, it is clearer than ever that simply spending money is not going to fix our problems.  

“We need to get a handle on our spending problem and we ought to be working to set the table for economic growth.  Simply passing debt increase after debt increase with no meaningful cuts to spending is not the answer.

“Washington must start asking the question: is this program important enough to continue borrowing from China and other nations and loading debt on future generations?  We did not get $17 trillion in debt overnight and we will not solve the problem with one vote.  But it must start somewhere.”