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Graves Supports Legislation to Allow Millions of Americans to Keep Their Health Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Following passage of the Keep Your Health Plan Act (H.R. 3350) by the House of Representatives, Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06) issued the following statement:

“President Obama proposed an unworkable administrative fix that simply won’t be able to maintain his promise to the American people.  That’s why the House has acted.  A vote in favor of the Keep Your Health Plan Act says, if you like your healthcare plan and it has been canceled, you really can keep it.  It says to millions of Americans, if you don’t want to participate in Obamacare, you don’t have to.  I ultimately believe no one should have to participate in Obamacare, and am fully committed to repealing the law.  But with this bill, we’re able to provide relief from Obamacare for those individuals who were let down by the president’s failed promise.”